Saturday, May 12, 2012

 Will I Ever Catch Up?

I feel like I am behind in all areas of my life. My house is a mess, I have papers to grade, grades to put in, lesson plans to write and I haven't posted in weeks. How do these great teacher bloggers do it and make items to sell on TPT on top of it?

I hope this summer to get ahead with my lesson planning, so maybe next year won't be so hectic. This year after I discovered teacher blogs I was constantly making and adding things to my plans. They were great, but it is time consuming. I don't know about you, but I have no parent volunteers to copy, laminate, cut out, etc... So I have spent many late nights this year do it myself. I have a big stack of laminating that I never have had time to do.

This year we did a copycat Mother's Day project from last year. I had each of the kids give me 6 adjectives to describe his/her mom. I also asked them what they call their "mom". Using Wordle I typed the words in. I typed in all of the words. I typed "mom" in the most so it would be the biggest. Then I gave each child a frame made for transparency to decorate. I taped the word cloud in the frame and finished it off with a sticker on back that let mom know that the words came from her child. Last year, one of my moms thought I had just bought posters for the kids to give their moms. Here's a few examples, I think they turned out cute.

 I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day. Here is a picture of my sweet daughter Delaney with her dog Rascal.

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