Monday, April 21, 2014

 I've Been Gone Too Long!!!

Wow, I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted! My hand has been bothering me (carpel tunnel issues) and it hurts to type or even move the mouse. :(  I have more I could say, but I am going to do most of this post with pictures since the last time I posted.

This was a little spelling activity, I just had them fold their paper into eight squares. the instructions were to write the spelling word and illustrate. Don't you love it when they write sentences even though they didn't have to!

I feel really bad, it has been so long since we did this activity, I don't remember where I saw the idea, if it is yours, please take credit. We were studying Fantasy and Reality. It was such a simple activity, they were supposed to draw something they really did at recess and then draw a fantasy version of recess.  It all started off so nice and innocent...

Then I got to the boys.  Their fantasies weren't what I was expecting. "I was fighting."

"I gave someone a cut."

"I beat up somebody."
Should I be worried?  One little boy even found a red crayon and he had blood on his page. I was rather shocked as I was reading them.

To follow up that activity, we did this one (again, I don't remember where I got it.) So sorry!

I had to look at this one for a while, I thought it said A giraffe can eat leaves, but a giraffe can't poot on cars, my daughter thought it said poop on cars. After looking at it a little more, I realized it said put on clothes.  :P

I love this one, I guess a dog CAN sing other songs just not the one we sang for the Black History Program! hahaha

These activities went the story Olivia. The kid all loved the story so we followed it up by making out own Olivia. I thought they turned out pretty cute! I made my own pattern, I'll try to post it if any one is interested in it.

Another thing we did that week was to work on captions. For our first activity, I just cut out pictures from Lakeshore catalogs and let the kids each choose two. They glued them on a piece of paper and wrote their own caption. Here are a few.

I thought they did pretty good. After that, I printed out pictures I had taken of the kids and gave each child two pictures for them to write about.

"We is working on a school project." lol

                                                Rozlyne and Briana like to put puzzles together.

They really liked doing this, I made sure every one got at least one picture of themselves.

Between Delaney and I, we have had a lot going on the last month or so. We both had birthdays in March. We had a small party with some of her friends at Ghatti Town( used to be Incredible Pizza). I was actually able to surprise her, she thought we were going to eat at a restaurant with the family. She is so sweet, she got me this yellow (my fave color) padded bench for my bedroom. I LOVE it, but not as much as I love her.

A couple of weekends ago, she ended up spending a couple of days in the hospital with asthma problems. That's the first time that has happened and I hope it doesn't happen again.

Happy to be going home. 

I couldn't believe it, last week, I was picking up a chair in my classroom and it got caught on the table. The bottom of the chair leg hit my lower shin and sliced it open. I ended up having to get 5 or 6 staples in it, plus the instructions to not walk on it for 10 to 14 days. He said walking on it puts too much pressure on the staples. They gave me some crutches, but I just couldn't use them so now I have one of those knee scooters and all of the kids are jealous! HA! I hope we are both done with doctors for a while!

I'm going to close for now so I don't overdo it with my hand. I hope to get back on track with blogging, I still have some more things to share. :)

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