Monday, April 9, 2012

Testing Incentive Song

Fortunately, our first graders do NOT have to take the big TEST. Several years ago, I did have to give the Iowa Test to kindergarten. That was tough! The kids squirmed, dropped their pencils, etc... It was NOt fun.

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will start testing next week. The lower grades always make signs for encouragement. Several years ago, I had my class make "quilts" for each testing class. I wrote names on the blocks and my kids drew a picture of each child. Then I taped it together and if it needed a some fill in blocks I wrote positive sayings. The older kids loved the quilts and it goes without saying that some of the drawing were, well let's just say interesting. My daughter is in third grade this year, so I will be doing quilts again.

My old teaching buddy and I wrote a little song to cheer on the test takers. Several of the upper grade teachers say they sing the song each morning before testing. I thought I would share it with anyone who might be reading this blog.

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  1. Cute song! Why don't you sing it, & post-it on U-Tube! Then... I could play it for kiddos. :-)

    First Grade Delight

    1. My class is working on it right now, to encourage the upper grades. If I can figure it out, I'll tape them singing it. ; )


  2. Cute song! Love the idea of the quilts with inspirational messages on it. After being in 2nd grade for the past 6 years, I'm so glad to be teaching 1st again, knowing that I don't have to deal with the stress of testing anymore! I'm one happy teacher!!! I'm your newest follower. I'd love it if you stopped by my blog sometime. :)


    WILD About First Grade!