Tuesday, August 7, 2012

4th Day Back to School and I'm Already Tired

Our school started back on August 1. We are on a continuous learning calendar. It's not quite year around, but we have 2 week breaks during the fall and spring, 3 weeks at winter and 8 for summer. Last year was our first year to try it, so far I like it (not that I would have a choice if I didn't).

I keep seeing all of these teachers who have totally finished their room before school has even started. We've been back 4 days and I'm still not finished. We couldn't get back into our rooms until the week before school started. I think I told you about the construction going on at our school. They took up all of our tile and I guess that was a bigger job than they realized. We are going to be on concrete until we move into the new part of our building. Our custodians take a lot of pride in our school and they put wax on the concrete trying to make it look as good as they could.

Our school is in a big district (Oklahoma City), but we are a very small school about 235 students. We have 12 regular ed teachers. This year we got 2 Teach for America teachers, plus a new 1st grade teacher and a new special ed teacher. when I would go up to work, I would find myself trying to help the newbies instead of working in my own room. I really like the new teachers, they are young and excited about teaching. I'm NOT young, but I'm excited about teaching too, so I have adopted them whether they wanted to be or not. lol

Well, I could say a lot more, but it is late and we have Open house tomorrow and I need to type a few things for that before I go to bed. So I will leave you with a few pictures.

I made a bunting to hang in the hallway. I put my class roster on sunbursts . I have some more buntings to make, but I haven't had time to do them yet.

I made a welcome sign to go outside my door. I used the sunburst theme again.

I loved the frames everyone had made for the first day of school. I got a frame 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby. I painted it and made the signs to go with the other things in the room. I put the signs on Velcro. I thought I might use the frame for other things like maybe birthdays. This is my daughter "modeling" the frame for me.

After I took all of the pictures, I took the sunbursts that had their names on them from the hallway and put them with their picture on this bulletin board. I also have some sunbursts that have adjectives like energetic, creative awesome, etc... that describe 1st graders on the board.

I have some pictures of the room to share, but it will have to wait till later.


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  1. I love your bursting theme! Very cute.


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    Take care and good luck with your "back to school"!

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  3. I LOVE those bright colors!!!

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