Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Just a quick post to share a couple of pictures. Right before we went on Fall Break, my class was reading "Prairie Dog Home". We studied about their habitats. When we got back to school after the break, Isaiah brought a prairie dog home that he made. I just had to share a picture of it. I love that he chose to do this during his break.

 I don't know if anyone else does this or not, but we eat breakfast in the classroom everyday. The other day, one of my boys was so excited, he came up to me and said, "Look Ms. Dugan, I made an exclamation mark in my apple!" He was so proud I had to take his picture. ;P

We have had a very warm fall until this week. This week has sent the mice searching for a warm place. Today while my class was in art, I saw one scamper across the room. When the kids came back, I told them there was a mouse in the room because I didn't want them to be scared to death if it came out of hiding. Well that was all it took, my resident bug catcher decided he was going to catch it. It was so funny, he had a friend sticking a broomstick behind the bookcase and was waiting at the other end. Then I noticed all of my table top trashcans laying around the room. They had decided to set some traps. NOTE: Please over look my tacky looking floor. They pulled the tile up over the summer to get my room ready for renovations and so we're down to the bare concrete.

Here is a picture of their last traps they set. If you can't see it, it is one of the trashcans with a bug box in it and  an apple inside the bug box. I asked them how they were going to catch the mouse and they thought the mouse would start eating the apple and they could close the door on the bug box and catch the mouse. lol

These are the kind of things that make teaching such so special.
Hope you have a mouse-free day!
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  1. Wow! You are so patient and such a good teacher! I panic in this king of chaos! I can't stand for them to be up helping me. I am a grump. As I was reading I kept thinking, oh no! Sit back down! We have to get this intervention done. LOL! I really need to chill out and enjoy them more. Thanks for the reminder.
    Crazy About First Grade

    1. "kind" not king...See what I mean about distractions? I just panic! LOL

    2. Stephanie, I guess I should have added it was at the end of the day that they were setting all of their traps! lol

  2. Ha ha! That's hilarious! I love the big sweet smile on your student's face.

    Grade ONEderful
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