Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fun Finds and Frog & Toad

I feel so much better after my downer of a post from yesterday. Today I found a song in our songbook from church that I'm going to make my new theme song. It's called The Best Day of My Life. When I read over the words, it hit me that I am letting school problems completely overtake me. I can't go around letting others rob me of my happiness, I realized that is what I have been doing.
Here's the first verse and chorus from the song.
The Best Day of My Life
by Kerry D. King
Every morning when I wake up here
I hold anticipation near,
For this could be the best day of my life
For if I could lend a helping hand,
Could guide someone to that fair land,
Then this could be the best day of my life.
Fix my eyes on the prize
Some tomorrow soon I'll realize,
No more sorrow, endless pain or strife,
This will be the best day of my life.
I wanted to share a couple of cool things I found at on of my favorite stores, Dollar Tree. The first are these large foam dice. I put them next to regular dice to show their size. They were 2 for $1.00. They were in the toy section.
I think I am going to use these 2 sizes of dice along with a giant foam dice for a place value activity. The kids will roll the giant dice for the hundreds number, the large dice for the tens and the small dice for the ones.
They also had these neat little containers. They had several sizes, some were sandwich size and then these are about half that size and they were 2 for $1.00. They were in with the kitchen containers.
They come in green, red and blue. I have thought about using them for"dice shakers", not sure yet.
I have had so much stress at work that I have fallen behind in posting some pictures of some of our activities. We read The Kite from the Frog and Toad books. I was wanting to do a craftivity for our Literature Response. Here is what I came up with.
I made a kite-shaped form for the literature response then I used manilla folders to make kite tracers.
 The comprehension skill that week was Problem and Solution so I made tail pieces for the kite. The small ones say. Somebody. Wanted, But, So. The larger pieces were blank for the kids to write on. This picture isn't too good, but I think you can get the idea.
Since we were reading about Frog and Toad, I wanted to talk about the differences between frogs and toads. We did a Life cycle of frogs and toads. They both lay their eggs in the water, but toads live most of their lige on land. I tried this activity last year and it was rather a mess. I have refined it a little this year, but I'll probably make more improvements to it next year.

I was going to share a copy of the kite page, but I have been having computer problems and I just found out that Powerpoint isn't working. If I get it fixed soon, I'll share it. I'm sorry, but the frog and toad pictures are a mixture of some packs I bought and some I googled. I'll try to get a set that I can share. 
Make tomorrow the best day of your life! ; 0

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  1. You don't need to worry about being negative. I've NEVER thought that about you or your blog. Your kites look great! and the song sounds wonderful:))
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

    1. Thanks Barb! You are always an encouragement! I'd really like to come up with some sort of craftivity to do with each of our stories. We still do the same comprehension skill that is in the book, but the kids think they are sooo lucky to get to put a big X on the workbook page! haha

    2. It doesn't take much to make a 6 year old happy -- ha ha! Take care:)

  2. LOVE the dice! There are so many things you can do with dice and it makes it so easy to differentiate!!

    The Math Maniac