Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday WOW 3/5/2014

I'm joining Em @ Curious Firsties for her weekly linky Wednesday WOW.

My first WOW, I'm still kind of in shock about it. One of my moms came up to me the other day and handed me an envelope. WOWIE!!!!
These were inside, each has $50.00 on it! I work at a low income school, so I don't get many gifts from the children/parents. I have NEVER received anything this generous. I feel like a thank you just seems so inadequate. I think I am going to use the classroom card to buy supplies for Mother's Day gifts. There are some things I have wanted to do, but didn't have the money to pay for it, plus that mom will  receive something back wonderful generosity.

My next WOW is also money related, I hope that doesn't make me seem greedy, but I will tell you as a single mom, these unexpected things are ALWAYS welcome! I have long-term disability insurance which I have never used, hopefully never will. Last year the rep told me that I could get $50 for anytime I went to the doctor for being sick (not checkups). So I went through my tax stuff and  ended up getting $300.00 . That's good, but that's not my WOW. I sent one in for  this year and I got $200.00 for the one visit. I'm hoping that they changed their policy, that is wasn't a mistake. WOW

One last WOW, we always have a Black History program at school. I don't have a video of my class, but one day several kids were wanting to get up and "perform" for the class. This group of boys wanted to sing our song, "If You Miss Me From the Back of the Bus". since it had seven verses, I asked them to just sing the first one.

My class made pictures to go with the song that I made into a quilt.

The other first grade teacher made some really cool pictures, She traced some famous Black Americans  
and then let the kids color them, then she went back and traced the lines with a black marker. I loved they way they turned out!

I'm glad we performed early in the program because some our of 4th and 5th graders lip-synced  to some great performers. Here's Michael Jackson.

 Here's The Jackson Five.

There were some other performers, but I didn't video them all. They also did powerful quotes and then some were dressed as famous African Americans and read a short bio. The parents and everyone was WOWed.

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  1. I love when you link up!! I have never ever ever received a gift like that from a parent!! I work in the same type of school. That is a really really really big deal! WOW! I love all the pictures from your celebration. What a great WOW this week!

  2. What a generous parent, and a great idea to use it. I hope you share your Mother's Day project, because I need some ideas!