Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Testing Incentives and Teacher Appreciation...A Month Late

I think every post I make in the next few weeks will say, "A Month Late". I'm not sure why I have had so many problems making posts this year. My lessons plans are easy and they are only for two subjects since we are departmentalized, so I'm not sure what is going on.

I was a little disappointed that no one made any posters for the 3rd  graders to encourage them as they tested so my class and I made some the first day of testing.

We made one for each of the third grade classes and put the students names on the posters.

We had all of the 3rd graders sign this poster.

OK now to Teacher Appreciation. This year I wanted to try and reach out to those teachers that sometimes get left out during Teacher Appreciation Week. I have a good friend who is a SPED teacher and another that is a Title 1 Reading Teacher and they seldom receive anything. So I decided I would do what I could to make sure the teachers received some appreciation from at least my students. 

I made good use of the afternoons after my class finished testing. We made our Mother's Day cards, cards for the Secretary's Day and posters for those special teachers. 

This is the poster we made for the Title 1 Reading Teacher. My kids all knew her because she is also runs a book club that a lot of them go to and she is the one in charge of the AR challenges. Each of the students put their favorite book on the poster with a nice note to the teacher inside.
I got this idea from this pin.

This one was for our PE teacher, the kids were supposed to draw their 
favorite activity and the write her a note on the drawing.

 Next up the music teacher.

This one was for the librarian.
I had a the students who went to speech, gifted, and sped make 
smaller cards or posters for those teachers.

I thought I was finished, but no the kids wanted to make one for the 
reading teacher, math teacher, principal and counselor.

Mine look much different, 
but I got my idea from this pin. 

Here's a couple of things we made for Delaney's teachers.

I hope everyone felt appreciated!

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  1. Your posters are all so beautiful! I bet the teachers loved them.

  2. Way to make some student's and teacher's day!