Sunday, February 12, 2012

What I Learned From the Doodlebops.

Yesterday, I was waiting for 10:00 to come because I love watching the Saturday marathon of Law and Order Criminal Intent while grading papers or working on other school stuff. Since there wasn't anything else on, I found myself listening to the Doodlebops. I used to watch it all the time with my daughter when she was younger. As I was watching, I mean listening to it, it really hit me how the program always follows the same routine every episode, like "Where's Moe?", Don't pull the rope!", etc... I'm always saying that young children need consistency in the classroom. After seeing the such consistency from the Doodlebops, it has made me want to strive for even more in my classroom. Thanks Doodlebops! : P

This is our little main building.

These next 2 buildings are going to be torn down.

This building was built by the WPA in 1942, it was our gym but it is being converted into 4 classrooms (and bathroom) and it will be connected to the main building by the new construction. 

We have so many changes going around at our school, I think it makes consistency in the classroom even more important. Our school is undergoing a major renovation, we are going from a school made up of 1 small main building and 3 even smaller, older buildings, 1 set of student bathrooms, walking out in the bad weather to get to music, art, pe, and the library to a school all under 1 roof with plenty of bathrooms, 12 new classrooms, a beautiful new library and gymnasium, and the two buildings left standing totally refurbished and connected with new construction.

With all of this going on, my class and I have watched a portable building being delivered and set up. They loved watching the forklift work. We watched as they took bricks off of the oldest building to go to our local little museum before it was torn down. then on Friday, we got to see them transplant 3 small trees from the front of our school to right behind our classroom. It was really interesting watching the machinery at work. My kiddos have been loving it all!
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