Saturday, January 21, 2012

Will I ever get this blog up and going?????

I had two main reasons for wanting to start this blog. 1) To keep track of the things that worked in my classroom that I didn't want to forget. 2)To share ideas with other teachers since I have gotten so many great ideas off of other blogs. Well, it isn't going to work if I don't post. : {

So this morning, I pinned my original idea (not that anyone else hasn't done it too) on Pinterest. So I thought I would share it, even though I have no followers. LOL

Our school is just starting a 2-3 year remodel, buildings being torn down, old classrooms remodeled, it's a big project! Anyway, in honor of the construction, I decided to do a construction theme in my classroom. I had an idea that has ended up being something I really love, plus it saves me time!

I got some of that plastic, orange construction fencing to put out in the hallway to hang student work. If you can't get some donated, you can buy it at Lowes or Home Depot. My fantastic principal bought it for me. It's a big roll so other teachers have used it to. It was very easy to hang. My friend and I unscrewed the tack strip, pulled the metal part from the wall and then caught the top edge of the fencing under the tack strip and screwed the tack strip back down. The top edge of the fencing was showing above the tack strip and I used a border to cover it up. It works great, because the kids can hang and take down the work w/o help. I just use clothes pins to hang the work. Here are a couple of pictures. 
Here it is empty.

Here it is with student work.

These type of clothes pins work much better than wooden ones.

On a different note, I saw and loved Captain Apostrophe on Carly's blog 
I asked her permission to make a coloring page for the kids. They absolutely loved it! They could hardly wait to take them home to hang them in their bedrooms! Thanks so much Carly!

I hope that this post will get me up and going. : )


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