Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday Made It

I'm joining Tara @ for Monday Made It.

I have bought several pkgs of these foam letters at Dollar Tree. Every time I see the cover I think it would make a good reading frame. Now that I've been crafting so much, I have duct tape laying around so I just covered the cover with duct tape and that's it! 

Next I updated my little rolling cart. I used the printed card stock from Dollar Tree and made my own labels.

I bought some of those index card holders for some of my card games. I made labels for each game. i had trouble getting the labels to stick so I covered them with carton tape. I  love how easy they store. I will be going back to Walmart to get some more.

I had these magazine holders. They were red with white hearts which was cute, but they didn't match my color scheme so out came the black spray paint. when they were dry I put duct tape around the bottom for added strength and to give it a little zing.

My last project is my favorite. I have always used coffee cans for table top trash cans. As a teacher, I have a really hard time throwing any type of container in the trash, especially if it had a lid! I had several of these bubble gum containers, the smaller ones are the newer ones. I pulled out the spray paint and painted them. Then I took the cute $.88 stickers from Walmart and put the word TRASH on each one. I love how they turned out. One thing that is nice is they will all stack together when not in use so they won't take up as much space.

I still have so much I was wanting to get completed, but I go back to work officially on Friday.We'll see what I can get done. ; D


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  1. Everything looks great! I love the colors...:)

    Keep Calm & Imagine

  2. I bought some bowls at Target for like 50 cents to be trash buckets. It's such an easy but effective idea.
    The Idea Backpack

  3. Love the card holders for the games. Great idea!

    Success in Second Grade

  4. Your trash cans are super cute. I just need to remember to grab spray paint more often :-)

    I also like your index card holders. I have a couple in my room but it would be a great way to store a bunch of task cards that I have printerd.

    Thanks for sharing

    room 4 imagination

  5. love your blog and your your newest follower...drop by =) i see your getting close to 100 love to help donate and participate at your giveaway let me know

    Just Wild About Teaching

  6. LOVE your projects! You did great. I especially love your trash bins. Great idea!
    Third Grade All Stars

  7. I love your rolling cart! Super cute!