Friday, July 13, 2012

Learned Something New and Old Yeller

I don't have any fabulous finds to share today, although I did make it to Target to pick up some of those dry erase sleeves in the Dollar Spot. I already have a nice set from Lakeshore, but I wanted these to use with some centers so I wouldn't have to continually take them in and out.

After posting my sight word mini books last week, I got on the program I use (it's an old American Greetings Creata Card program) to see if it was possible to make a document with more than one page. I've used this program for years and if I had something with more than 1 page I would save them as doc1, doc2, etc... Guess what, I can save more than 1 page if I do it as a newsletter!  To me this program is so much easier to use than Word. I can move pics anywhere I want and they stay there. I'm going to try to save the sight word mini books into 1 newsletter and re-post them on TpT. It will save a lot of time for you to download them. I'm almost finished with another set.

We report back to school on July 27 and things are up in the air. The brand new teacher that started working with me in Feb. decided about 2 weeks ago not to come back. She didn't like her 45 minute drive and had been unable to find an apartment that was closer. I can't blame her, she really got thrown into the fire. The teacher that started the year was having a lot of problems, plus she got some of the worst behavior problems to top it off. At the end of the first 9 weeks, she took off for 3 weeks to try to get back on track (she was suffering from depression). Anyway, the meds she was taking weren't helping and she ended up missing the whole 2nd 9 weeks. The kids were so wild that we couldn't get a sub that would agree to stay. In the end the teacher took a leave of absence but we couldn't get anyone in until Feb 1so you can imagine what that class was like. They were a mess behaviorally and academically. I really felt sorry for the girl.

For a while I was really excited, my principal was bringing in one of her teachers from a previous school who had a lot of experience in 1st (I've only taught 1st 2 years). Then she texted me and said the other principal wasn't willing to let her leave. Now we are back to interviewing. She wants me to sit in on the interviews, I hope I can make a good judgement, but there are some people who seem to say everything right and that's all it is is TALK. A couple of years ago a team of teachers hired this lady that they were sooo thrilled to be bringing on board. She ended up yelling and I do mean yelling at the kids all the time and she had a load of personal problems that she brought to school with her every day. Does anyone have suggestions, questions to ask, etc.... that might help me as we are going through the interviews? I don't want to be working next to another "Old Yeller". I would love to find someone that wants to work together.

Before I go I wnt to share a couple of pictures of Delaney. If you live in the Tulsa area and need a good photographer check out Rachel Rockwell!/rachelrockwellphotography I haven't gotten the proofs yet, These are just a couple she posted on FB, can't wait to see the rest!

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  1. She's so cute!! Good luck with finding a great teaching partner!! It can be hard!

    First Grade and Fabulous

    1. Thanks on both counts. I would love to find a good partner, it makes teaching even better!

  2. Great pictures! Good luck finding another teacher!