Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 in 12

I am finally linking up

12 favorite things!
12. Favorite movie you watched: This is really sad, but so far, I have only seen one movie this year. the only time I go to movies if when I'm taking my daughter to one. We went to see  Mirror, Mirror at the beginning of the year. We both loved it!
11. Favorite TV series: My daughter is always asking me why I like to watch people being murdered. haha I love crime dramas. My current favorite is Criminal Minds. I still watch reruns of Law and Order Criminal Intent. On a lighter note I also love Drop Dead Diva and Psych.
10. Favorite restaurant: I'm addicted to Mexican food. My favorite places to eat it are Chelinos and El Chico. My favorite fast food is Taco Bueno.
9. Favorite new thing you tried:
I started on TPT this year. I still have a lot to learn, but I've got a few ideas kicking around in my head for some products to make.
8. Favorite gift you got:
My daughter writes me little notes all of the time. these are just a few. She loves me more than cupcakes AND chocolate ice cream!

7. Favorite thing you pinned:
This is one of my pins that I am actually using in my classroom. I have a ton of card games for my class. These index card holders work perfect to hold the games. I made labels for each game so I can find the one I need quickly.
6. Favorite blog post:
My most popular post this year has been Finally a Freebie  It was my first attempt to share a freebie on my blog. I shared my vertical number line.
5. Best accomplishment: I was selected Teacher of the Year at my school.

4. Favorite picture:
I love this picture because Delaney has such a look of pure happiness on her face. She had gone down to the neighbors house to gather eggs from their chickens and they let her keep them. She came home and promptly made scrambled eggs at 2 in the afternoon.

I love this one because the photographer caught her pretty blue eyes to perfection.
3. Favorite memory:
This is my favorite memory from school. Last year I had several low readers that I was tutoring after school. One was a little girl, Mia,  that didn't know a single sight word except for "a" and "I" when I started the tutoring. Another was a little boy, Julius,  who was a lab student that also only knew "a" and "I". As time went on, Mia started picking up some of the sight words, but I was not having any success with Julius. We would play the same sight word card game over and over and over. One day when we were playing, Julius got the word "can". Mia said, "You know that one, Julius, you know that one. Listen, I CAN do it." Julius said, "Can?" Then later he got another word he didn't know, again Mia says, "You know that one Julius. Watch." She got up and walked across the room. He said, "Walk?" Mia said, "No, watch." She walked back across the room. Julius said, "Run?" Mia said, "No, it's go." What makes this memory so special was watching how Mia had started to see herself as a reader for the first time and she was determined to help Julius to find success too. 
2. Goal for 2013: Get healthy. Exercise, eat better and get some sleep.

1. One Little Word:
Care. I need to to make sure I am taking care of my loved ones and my students, but I also need to make sure I am doing what I need to do to take care of me, my spiritual life, my health, etc... I will be a better mom, friend, teacher, etc... when I am remembering to take care of myself.
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  1. Nice to have you back:) I was wondering where you went.
    LOVE the sweet pics of your daughter!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

    1. Thanks Barbara, I had several things going on that were causing a lot of stress. I just felt like all of my posts were kind of downers. I'm ready to start the new year on a positive note. : )

      I hope to get with you soon about a blog design!

  2. I loved all 12 of your 12s. Your daughter is beautiful!! The story about Mia makes what we do all worth it doesn't it? I love listening to kids teach each other.

    1. Thanks, I'm rather partial to my daughter myself. ;) Watching Mia see herself as a reader for the first time was probably one of my all time favorite memories since I've been teaching!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog name!! Made me laugh! I don't even correct kids anymore! They usually catch it though and we have a good laugh! I never looked at it as they are calling us someone's name they love but that is so true! When I first started teaching and would get called grandma I thought maybe I just looked really, really old!
    I enjoyed reading your 12 in 12 and look forward to reading more of your posts! You have a cutie patootie daughter!

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to reading your new posts and going back and reading your older posts too!

      When the little boy called me Grandpa, I was the wrong age, wrong sex and wrong color!lol

  4. Those notes from your daughter are very sweet. I love her cursive writing too. Takes me back to 3rd grade. Anyway, take care!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  5. Thanks! She is just the opposite of me, when I was a kid my cursive writing being a lefty was atrocious. Her cursive writing is much better than her print. She likes to practice it, I guess it makes her feel grown-up. lol

  6. Your daughter is just too cute....and sweet! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

    1. Thanks DeAnne! I hope your family has started the new year healthy!