Sunday, March 24, 2013

Am I a Hoarder? and How I spent my Spring Break.

I'm not going to count the first week of spring break because I taught intersession so it wasn't really like I was on break. The only think of importance that happened that week was Delaney turned 10.
Wow, I can't believe she is growing up sooo fast. I love the young lady she is growing into.

My real Spring Break started with a trip to Dallas. Delaney and I met some friends at the American Girl store. Delaney and Hope have birthdays that are just 3 weeks apart so we met in at the store for them to buy their American Girl doll. Then we went to eat and have birthday cake. Here is a picture of the two girls with their new dolls.

After the birthday weekend in Texas, I came home and made a To Do List of all of the things I wanted to get done during Spring Break. I am happy to say that the list is almost completely checked off. Fortunately for me, Delaney was very happy staying around the house playing with her new doll and her new basketball goal. I can't say it was fun, but it feels great to get so much accomplished, Delaney and I went through allof her clothes to get rid of the ons that don't fit, we went through her dvds  and toys to weed out the ones that she didn't want anymore.

I have my grades all entered and ready to go for report cards. I finished my taxes! I sorted papers and sorted papers and sorted papers.Yuck! I finished my lesson plans. I created a new product for TPT (my second one for sale). Here is a look at what my kids did. It's called Funny Fish, Funny Fish. It is an activity for learning compound words. My kids loved it!!!  Here's a link if you are interested.  Funny Fish, Funny Fish on TPT

I cleaned up the extra bedroom, my bedroom, the living room and my office area, now I'm just hoping I can keep it cleaned up. Now I need one more day to just relax. Oh well...

I worry sometime that I am hoarding stuff. I do save a lot of stuff to use at school. We saved tissue boxes all year so I would have enough to use for Valentine boxes. I've been saving Pringles can for another teacher who is using them to make rain sticks. I have a tub with toliet tissue rolls that I started saving. Then I read a blog about how gross it was and how many germs were on them so I stopped. But really, I don't take the roll off with "bathroom hands", plus I was thinking about spraying them with Lysol before using them so I still have them. I have 12 of those little milkcrates that someone was going to throw away, I saved because they are perfect book baskets. We have several new teachers that I thought could use them. I have about 7 or 8 nice shoe boxes stacked in my garage in case we do diaramas. In my defense, I also save them in case Delaney's class needs them. Am I a hoarder? I can still walk in every room of my house without turning sideways. I am still sleeping in my bed and I can still cook in my kitchen. I do have a couch in my office that has a bunch of stuff laying on it, but I'm thinking about taking it out of there so I will be forced to put stuff up. What do you think do I have a problem? After watching Hoarders the other night, I don't think I'm to a point to need intervention.

Hope this is the start to a great week for you!

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  1. Wow! You got a lot done, Kelly! That's very impressive.
    Happy birthday to your little girl!
    No, you don't sound like a hoarder to me...just a normal teacher:)
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

    1. Haha, thanks Barb, after watching teacher on an episode of Hoarders, I don't think I have a problem! lol

  2. Ohmigosh!!! I laughed so hard at your post! I do the same thing!!! I have enough Christmas cards to send to everyone in our entire school because I like the pictures on them and they might fit into the winter themes I am teaching. I bought out all the leftover beads at Target after Christmas because I might come up with a fun project for them. I also have enough toilet paper tubes to make kind of craft for the next 2 years. I may be throwing them out after reading this though. LOL! You sound like a teacher. :)

    1. I'm the same way, show me a rack of felt, foam ribbon, stickers, beads, on sale and I will fill my cart! I really have to watch myself going to Dollar Tree, I really think I have paid for one of their stores by now! lol

  3. I came by to say hello after you left such a nice comment on my clip art flowers! Thank you! And what a great blog - I can soooo relate to the saving/hoarding. Trying to overcome that...
    Great blog name. :-)

    Susanna Westby

    1. It's a hard thing to overcome, sometimes, I'll thro something I was saving away, just to find some new "treasure" to start saving. BTW Your clipart looks fantastic!

      I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I think most teachers are hoarders, that use the stuff they keep, I am. If I throw it away, the next day I needed it.

    The First Grade Princess

    1. You are so right, sometimes, I will get ready to throw something in the trash, but then most of the time I talk myself out of it. : )

  5. Happy Birthday to your little one who's not so little anymore! I'm glad you had a productive spring break.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. You're exactly right Tammy, Delaney is growing up too fast! I was glad to get so much done, but now I'm ready for a rest! lol

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  7. Hi Kelly,
    I took my daughter on a birthday trip to American Girl store, too. It is one of her fondest memories. It sounds like you had a productive break. I pinned your compound words activity ( I hope it sends some traffic your way.
    Have a great week!