Friday, December 6, 2013

Wednesday WOW (late again)

I love Em @ Curious Firsties weekly linky party Wednesday WOW. For some reason, I just can't seem to get it posted on Wednesday, but Em is always so sweet, she doesn't mind a bit. I love this linky because it really makes me go back and think about the positive things that have happened through the week.

On the personal side, I just have to say again how happy I have been with my daughter's new school. She just seems to have a spring in her step that wasn't there when she was going to my school. She played he last basketball game on Tuesday. She had never played any sports before and she absolutely loved playing. Her teammates were all very nice and encouraging to her.

My next WOW is an idea I came up with that I am hoping will be a really big WOW. I haven't gotten to try it out because Delaney was sick on Wednesday. So while I was taking care of her, I got it all ready to use the next day. It seemed like a good plan, but it wasn't to be. After lunch, I tried my best to get the kids  together, but I was fighting impossible circumstances. 1) it started snowing 2) we had cupcakes for a birthday 3) kids were getting picked up early due to the weather. I kept trying to get them back on track...I finally gave up and had them write in their journals and draw snow pictures.

Anyway, back to my WOW, I don't know about you but lots of my firsties have trouble getting the hour correct when it is time to the half hour, especially once it gets to 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30. I have tried everything I could think of to help them get the hour right, but nothing I have done has worked. They will still say 5:30 is 6:30 and so on. So here is the idea I had.  

It is going in their vocabulary journals. They will use two highlighter crayons to color the numbers as I did. when they look at the clock, I think it will be much easier to tell if it is 5:30 or 6:30. I am going to have them go ahead and write the minutes on the out side of the clock. I have several that are ready for that skill.
I used some laminated card stock that I had been saving it to use for bookmarks as the hands. My original idea was to glue the clock onto a paper plate for them to use. So that is how I started, as I was gluing them down, I realized if I would cut the middle out of the paper-plate, I could use it for the clocks and the outside could be used to make wreaths. I've made the wreaths several times and it wasn't my idea, but now my paper plate was working double duty.

Since I was working with the kinders on telling time to the hour, I made them clocks too. I had found this little clock face somewhere, so I glued their clocks to the paper plates too. One thing I did differently, I made all of their minute hands blue. I am going to have them color the 12 blue to help them remember where the minute hand goes. Here's their sample.

I'm hoping this will be a great tool for all of the kids.

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  1. I really like how you highlighted the clock and then wrote the numbers on the outside. That should work! Some of my kids struggle with that, too!

  2. Thanks Barb, I think it is going to do the trick. Some of them really have trouble getting the right hour when it is time to the half hour.

  3. This coming week is time to the half hour. I have a very similar lesson ready to go, and am super excited to see the lightbulbs go off.

    I was fighting a losing battle on Friday also, and we did not have snow falling. Next time--I am going to let them draw and try again the next day.

  4. Well, my lesson will have to wait at least one more day. We are out again on Monday.

  5. Ack - pulling my hair out over telling time! It seems like a get it or not get it skill. My second graders can't even tell time to the half hour. The best thing is they have to write down the time when the go to the bathroom. They really have to go if they are willing to figure out the time lol.

  6. I had my kids put the clock in the back of one of their journals and I told them they could use it even on a test if they needed too. I figure I would rather them get it right with help then totally thinking they have it right and not.