Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wednesday WOW and a Skip Counting Freebie

Here I am, this week on time linking up with one of my BBBs, Em @ Curious Firsties for her weekly linky party Wednesday WOW.

My first WOW, "Wow, I posted Wednesday WOW on Wednesday!" I know it's quite shocking. 

My next WOW is school and personal combined. We are going back to school today after having three, yes three snow days! I guess technically they weren't snow days, it only snowed one day. We had a real cold streak and so the snow and ice didn't melt and here in Oklahoma, we don't have enough snowplows to clear all of the streets, just the major ones and the side streets were as slick as could be. I tried to make good use of my time, but not being on any schedule and kind of being stuck in the house made me feel very lethargic.

I have another WOW. Saturday Delaney was playing in the snow.
Right after I took this picture we had a 4.5 earthquake, things shook and rattled, but fortunately nothing got broken.

My next WOW is kind of a negative or maybe more like a shocked, surprised kind of WOW. We have had a mouse in our house for about a month and a half. I have always been a big baby when it came to mice. The last time we had one in the house, I got those kind of traps that it goes in and you can't see it. I paid Delaney $5.00 to pick it up and put it in the dumpster. I just don't want to have anything to do with them dead or alive. Anyway, we have a mouse and so I got two of those traps and set them and have not had any success. So a friend told me to get the glue traps (you can be sure I discussed it with Delaney to see if I could pay her again to pick it up ;P ), I have had 3 of them "set" for a couple of days  and so far nothing. Well apparently he got on one a little bit, there is some grayish brown fur on one...yuck!!! I sure hope we catch him soon. My niece and her family were supposed to come and stay with us this weekend, but she has little ones and she's afraid the baby might get into one of the traps so they aren't going to stay with us. BOO!

We had indoor recess today because there was still a lot of slushy snow on the ground. Since we have 63 kids in one room during recess, there really isn't much to do except watch a movie. They were watching Rudolph today. As I was leaving the room to go eat my lunch, I heard one of the boys say, "Hey this movie is just like the song!"  All I could say was WOW. I thought every kid had seen that movie, apparently I was wrong.

 Have you ever made the reindeer that you trace your shoe and your hands?I have been making this reindeer for many years. I got the idea from: 
http://www.dltk-holidays.com/xmas/reindeer.html  They have changed it a bit since I found it 15 or so years ago.  

Sometimes I make the craft just for decoration and sometimes I use it for a learning activity.  I put a big piece paper on the wall and then glued 10 of the reindeer on the paper in a row. I took the students out into the hallway and then we did several skip counting activities. First we skip counted by 2s using the reindeer’s antlers. I write number between the antlers. We skip count by 5s counting each antler and then skip count by 10s counting the two antlers for each reindeer.

 This year I decided to make a little worksheet that I could use to assess the skill. I made one for the kindergartners that only has skip counting by 10s and counting by 1s. The first grade page has skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. If you would like a copy, you can grab it HERE.  

If you grab a copy, I would really appreciate a comment or a like on Facebook. Thanks!

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  1. Snow, ice, and an earthquake! You are having a fabulous December. Cute reindeer!

    1. Yes, it was rather odd to have an earquake with all of the snow and ice. Did you check the freebie, there is a skip counting page to go along with the reindeer craft. ;)

  2. First of all...the mouse...you are not alone. This happened to us all last winter. Pesky little things! I don't even know where they were coming from. UGH! And an earthquake. What!!! Thanks for linking up! Love reading every week.

    1. I didn't know mice were so smart. that little stinker has still evaded capture. Another friend said I should try Decon trays with food. we have had quite a few earthquakes in the past year, but I think the one Saturday was one of the biggest.