Saturday, October 25, 2014

Five for Friday 10/24/2014

We are departmentalized, I teach science and social studies, but I am also supporting the reading teacher with reading comprehension and writing. On Fridays, we do not rotate classes. We have laptop carts in the classroom and the students do a couple of lessons in Think Through Math and take AR tests. They also take their reading and vocabulary tests. It's my favorite day because it is the only day that there seems to be time for something fun and creative. Our district uses Building Academic Vocabulary, the students have a BAV notebook that they use each week. On Fridays, I have them do word art with one of the BAV words. When we first started, a lot of them just didn't get what I was talking about ( I did show them examples), so they would write the word and just decorate it to make it look pretty. We took a couple of weeks off and tried it again, I think most of them are starting to get it! Here's a few examples.

I have been meaning to post for a long time, but I just don't get to it. This is not something form this week, but I wanted to share anyway. In Oklahoma, 3rd grade social studies is all Oklahoma history, symbols, etc... We were getting ready to learn about the Oklahoma State Seal. I should have thought of this, but I didn't. The kids had no idea what the state seal was, they all thought it was an animal! lol Oklahoma State Seal was one of our BAV words that week so I decided to have a little fun. I told them what the word was and I told them I wanted them to draw a picture of what they thought it looked like. Here an example of what I got.

It would have been a great time to do a lesson in homonyms!

I guess I should have titled this post Five Fridays instead of Five for Friday. Last week the reading teacher was working with the kids on similes and metaphors. On Friday, I decided to do an activity with my class that I had seen on Pinterest.
Instead of using a real picture, I had them draw a picture. Most of them did a fantastic job.
Hmmm, funny like Jimmy Kimmel...she is staying up too late! LOL

Hahaha, I can run faster than a bumblebee. I love it!

What???? I love soccer just like a turtle, maybe he has seen a soccer playing turtle on Facebook. ;)
The kids liked doing them and I loved reading them. It was very easy to see who understood and who still needed help. 
We have been doing some science this year. I started off with some very simple experiments so I could make sure the procedures were down. I couldn't believe how engrossed they were when we did the water drops on the coins. They weren't even noticing that I was taking pictures.

Since my school is departmentalized, the third grade team decided to get together for conferences we have 75 students totla, but there were some that had no academic or grade issues that we didn't need to see. When we took those students out we needed to schedule around 60 conferences. It took a lot of planning and several extra days after school, but we got them finished. The best part was I saw all 21 parents that I had scheduled for conferences! No phone conferences! I did have to re-schedule a few, but they all showed up. Great way to start my weekend!

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  1. The word art is great! As are the rest of your "show n tells". Looks like great things are happening!

  2. I just LOVE the word art!! I agree with Sara--all of your shares were great.

  3. Thanks for sharing,Kelly! I think the word art is awesome! What a great way to show what the word means. But the seal cracks me up :)

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  4. I like your BAV Notebooks. Those are really cool.
    We did the water on coins experiment and my kids loved it too!
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