Tuesday, October 14, 2014

No Excuses!

You can certainly tell it's not summer any more. I was posting two and sometimes three times a week, now I' doing good to get one a month. I don't know how all of you other bloggers do it.

So far, life in 3rd grade has been going very well. It isn't quite what I expected, I thought they were going to be so much more mature than my first graders, I thought they would listen to instructions the first time, I thought they would be a little quieter, I thought they would be responsible for their supplies and not lose them all of the time.  I was WRONG. Hahaha, they are still kids and some just haven't quite gotten there yet.

My new school has a "Celebration" once a month and it usually has a theme. Our first one was "Our future's so bright" Everyone was supposed to wear sunglasses. Our second one in September was Super Leaders, dress as your favorite super hero. Most of the teachers dressed as Ninja Turtles and performed this little dance.

As you can imagine the kids went wild. I didn't dress as a Ninja because I had already started working on a different super hero when I found out where to buy the shirt. I sort of made up my own super hero. Meet Captain Hypothesis! A lab coat and goggle wearing super hero that will help you answer scientific questions. Sorry I didn't realize how blurry this picture was until I started to make this post.

Now everyone has started decorating their doors for Fall/Halloween. There are some really cute ones. Here are a few.

So after seeing all of these adorable doors, I was trying to come up with something original. what started out as a rather boring door with a spider on it evolved into a door that my kids absolutely love. Since our school is working on the Seven Habits of Happy Kids/The Leader in Me, I thought I would add a few of them to the mix.

Look at these kiddos, I told them to look scared...they did great!!! 

I have so many things I've been doing since school started, maybe I will get a chance to catch up this poor old blog of mine during my upcoming (YES!) Fall Break.

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  1. Those doors are all so great but yours is fantastic! I love how all your kids are caught in the web. It reminds me of Magic School Bus!

  2. All of the doors are GREAT!!! I LOVE your door with kid pictures on it! What a great idea. My door is bor-ing, but maybe... November...

  3. What a great door. I can see why your kids love it!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First