Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Charting and Graphing Success

My school was having a school wide AR Challenge. The students were trying to meet their individual point goal (based on STAR Testing) while keeping their test average at 85% or above and reading on their assigned grade (based on STAR Testing). As the students met all three goals their name went on a wall under their teacher's name. The class that had the highest average of students meeting their goal would get the privilege of claiming a giant trophy that will travel around to the different winners. 

My class decided that they wanted that trophy. They were reading books like crazy. They would come in from math and take tests before going to activity. Some of the kids thought that if they got more and more points it would help us win. One got himself in trouble, because he kept taking tests and ended up off the board because his average went below 85%...OOPS! Fortunately, he was able to get back on the board!

Here is a Venn Diagram I made to chart their progress, it's a little sloppy, I kept thinking I would make a nicer one, but that never happened. I cut the sticky part off of small post-it notes to put the kids names on so I could move them to show their progress. Once I explained the chart to them, they knew exactly where they needed to be. I also had a small chart that I would write their names down so they could see what our percentage.

All I can say is we totally beat the competition. Sixteen out of twenty-four that got their name on the board...67% of the class!!! It was cool to see some of my lowest readers hit their goals and feel so proud of themselves. Plus all of them were cheering each other, which hasn't happened much in my class this year. :( I also gave them the incentive of a pizza party for all that met their goal. ;) They were so excited and proud they could hardly contain themselves.

I don't know if it has made much of difference in other classes, but it sure has in mine! the new challenge started on Feb. 27. Even with some snow days and Spring Break, we have thirteen that have already met their goals and several more really close! The principal overheard one of my stinkers, who doesn't really put forth his best effort, tell one the fifth graders that they would not beat us in the next competition! LOL I have a little boy who is a really low reader and he missed about three months of school because he was kidnapped by his mother. Fortunately, he and his brother are back safe and sound. During the first challenge, he wouldn't take any tests, I offered to read with him or assist him with the tests, but he just wouldn't do it. Some happened last week, all of the sudden he decided to try and meet his goal...he made it!!! I feel like that is a victory in of itself!

So my friend liked my Venn diagram and asked if I minded if she copied it, I of course said no. I wish I had a picture of hers, she took her time and it is absolutely beautiful. After seeing hers, I just couldn't stand looking at mine ( LOL) so I decided to make something different. So I thought I would make a mountain and draw some vertical lines to divided the mountain into three sections. the middle are the kids reading on grade level and testing at 85% or above. the left side are kids reading on grade level but their average is low and the right side are the kids testing at 85% or above, but not on grade level. Anyway, again I rushed through making it late one night and I didn't think it really looked like a mountain. That was confirmed when a 4th grader saw it and said, "I like your volcano." So now it is a volcano. LOL I also made a chart keeping track of how many 100s are made each day and another one keeping track of chapter books being tested on and passed. A lot of kids in my class read chapter books but some are way above their reading level and they have trouble passing the tests, so I have been encouraging them to read ones on their level. Here are my charts.
One of the kids asked me what the green meant, I told him it was grass and the students that were in the grass haven't taken any tests...the girl that was in the grass took three tests that day! HA!

We are doing so well this time, the class now wants 100% to meet the goal. We may just make it.

Happy Reading!

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  1. How exciting! Love seeing your class pull together to ready!