Monday, March 23, 2015

More Word Art and Camouflage Chameleons

Today I will catch on some science and BAV activities.

In science we talked about camouflage so I pulled out my favorite activity the camouflage chameleon. If you are interested in the chameleon, you can find the free copy here. The kids did a great job!

I have shown some word art on here before, but I wanted to show a few more that I thought were just terrific!

I loved this one because the little boy remembered we had learned that the Plains Indians would cause the buffalo to stampede off the side of a cliff to kill them before they had horses.

These two girls were doing the word extinct and they made the T look "ghostly" to make it look like it no longer existed.

I thought boy did a terrific job with the word reptile.

I showed it to Taleah, here is what she came up with...all I can say is WOW!

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