Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Last Days of School.

School is out, but I'm still not finished. Our school is under going renovations and new construction. This summer the [lan is to go into the classrooms and pull out all of the tile. Since it is old and has asbestos under it, we have to pack EVERYTHING so it can be moved out of our rooms. Do you have any idea how much stuff I have? I have to get it all boxed up this week because they are starting in my hallway.

We had several teachers retire this year. I was trying to kill a few minutes one day and so I gave all the kids a piece of paper, I wrote on the board "Mrs. Davidson Retires". I told the kids to draw a picture and write about what they thought Mrs. Davidson should do when she retired. they were sooo cute we did one for each retiree. Here are some of them:

I loved the details this little boy added to his picture.

 It's kind of hard to see, but it says Mrs. Kohl joins archery.

 This one cracked me up. She said it says "He works at a nursing home."
 After we had our Skype visit with Mr. Marc from Adventure to Fitness, they sent a press release for our local newspaper. a photographer came out and shot photos and videos for over an hour. There was an article in the paper and this short clip was online.
Combining classroom learning with physical fitness | NewsOK Videos

The last day of school was very busy. We had our awards program in the morning. Then we came back to the room and I gave them the journals I made for them. I was going to put names on them, but I decided to let them pick the one they wanted.
They seemed to love them! They wanted to write immediately.

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  1. I love your children's work. I love to see work 100% child done!! I'm your newest follower!

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