Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday WOW! & My Truth about Fitness & FREEBIES

I'm joining Em from Curious Firsties for her weekly linky party Wednesday WOW!

Since I have been on Fall Break since October 14 and my computer was down for over a week, I'm going to share some journal writing from the week before my break started. I told the kids to write what they knew about frogs and I was pleased with their work. NOTE - I read their journals and write back to them, if they want. Most of the "want" which is time consuming, but I have found it has gotten the reluctant writers writing. It also gives you a lot of insight when you read the way they are spelling some of their words.

I love how he wrote slimy (slimee), notice that he marked his Magic E. We haven't gotten to long vowels yet,
 I just threw out a mini lesson one day because I knew some of them were more than ready for it.

This little boy has been one of my reluctant writers, I was so happy to see his journal in the stack.
I was even happier to see his sentences.

I am also joining Denise @ Sunny Days in Second Grade for her linky party My Truth Monday. I realize it isn't Monday, but it is all about fitness and I thought it would help me get up and get moving.

OK, so I am having problems getting the image above with "My Story"  on to the page, 
so here it is off of the page.

Basically, the truth is…I am not fit. I don’t really know how it happened, but I have let myself get into the worse shape of my life. I have gained weight over the years and haven’t tried to do anything about it until this year. I really have never liked exercising, especially if it is by myself. Since I have started trying to lose weight, I have been doing OK (most of the time) with what I eat and drink, but I still haven’t gotten the exercising into place. So I decided I needed to put it out there for others to read to hopefully get me up and moving.

Thanks to Em and Denise for their great linky parties!!!

Last but not least, I decided to jazz up my b and d letter reversals posters and labels. I make a lot of things black and white because I am the one who has to pay for all of my printer ink. I know some of you are more lucky and you have color printers at school so I thought I would give you some a little more jazzy. ;P
b and d letter reversal label

b and d letter reversals poster

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  1. I love everything about this post! I see myself becoming more and more sedentary as I get sucked into the internet! I must do something about it...Next week!! I have two owlets who will benefit from the b cs d!! Thank you!!

    1. Thanks Jenny! You are totally right, I spend way too much time in front of the computer. I'm in such bad shape that I am starting off with the easiest of the walk videos. Hopefully, I'll move past the easiest one fairly quick. ;) I made the b and d stickers to put on homework folders, work folders, etc... so the kids would have to use when writing or during a spelling test.

  2. I wish we lived closer Kelly we could get motivated together!! I have been trying to walk every day to prepare for "the wedding" but ugh it is boring!
    Good luck!

    1. That would be great, wouldn't it? We can keep encouraging each other. Maybe we need to set our goal for exercise each week and then report to each other once a week whether or not we met our goal. Have someone to make us accountable.