Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'm joining Em @ Curious Firsties for her weekly linky party Wednesday WOW! It's so easy to do, all you have to do is share something positive that has happened at school or home in the last week. I really like this, it makes me realize each week that there are far more positive things going on in my classroom than I realize.

My first is sort of home and sort of school. I put my 4th product on TPT  that was not free and I actually sold one the first day. I know that may not sound like much, but I was really excited. My daughter and I did high fives and started planning a trip to Disney World. haha

My kids are going crazy with journal writing! My principal told me that when she taught she would write back to the kids in their journals. Well, I started doing that a couple of years ago, but this year...WOW, I had to write back to all 27 students today before I could leave school. I've never had every student turn their journal in for me to read. Last Friday, one of my sweet girls asked if I would read the journals and what I had written back on the Smartboard. I guess the kids saw that I really could read almost everything they had written. We had had a rather bad day and several of the kids had written telling me that they loved me and that I was nice and sometimes mean (lol). It was so funny, after I would read, they would all go "Awwww!" It's kind of cool, I have one little boy writing a "chapter" of the 3 Little Pigs each day.

One more thing that made me really happy yesterday. I had introduced Magic e a week ago. Our reading series doesn't introduce any long vowels until December. So one of our sight words this week is use, so I reminded them about Magic e again. We were brainstorming about pets and one of the words that came up was age. One of the kids raised her hand and said it has a Magic e. Yes!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday. I'm on the countdown to a much needed fall break. 8 more school days and then I get 2 weeks off!

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  1. I am so happy that you link up with me!! I really need these positive things. You sold one on the first day!!! Wow!!! Not surprised....I think it is a great idea. I can't wait to try it out.