Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Room, New Color Scheme!

As I told you a couple of posts before, I am changing schools this year. I am very excited about the new challenge. the new school is older and in bad need of some sprucing up. Here are a couple of pictures.

I sent the one above to a friend of mine who works for a paint shop. She puts together color schemes for the customers to look at to help them choose their paint colors. I asked her for help because I knew she was good with decorating. I was wanting to know if the color scheme I liked would go with carpet. Well I was really excited when I checked my email, here is what she sent!






I think my favorite is number 5, but I really like all of them. I just wish it was that easy to paint the room! 

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  1. How fun! You get to paint your room? Yes, paintings hard, but the choice and freedom! Love the choices. I like 5 & 1. Good luck choosing and painting.

  2. I like 1 and 5. How fun that you can see what your possibilities are before even breaking out the paint.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First