Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Show and Tell Tuesday

I'm joining Barb @Ruby Slippers Blog Design for her weekly linky party Show and Tell Tuesday.

I have been in my new room sorting out my library books. I thought I had my baskets all sorted, but I guess they got messed up in the move. Since I am wanting to paint, I can't do too much to get my room together until it's finished. The classroom I have used to be a computer lab. It had a lot of chairs, a beat up file cabinet and a couple of tables in it. Several of the teachers are going to use tables next year, so I am going to get desks from them. I found an extra teacher's chair (YES!),a nice rolling cabinet that just needed a good cleaning and a couple of other pieces that I think will be everything I need.

My new school has a science lab which is pretty neat! There, of course, are all kinds of materials for teaching science, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it has a fridge and a full-size stove/oven. I was going to take a picture, but there are a lot of teaching materials on the tables, so I'll wait until later.

I want to share a terrific science blog I happened onto the other day. You may have heard of her blog "The Science Penguin". she is fantastic! She has lots of excellent articles on interactive notebooks. I think between the books I posted last week and her blog, I'll make it through my first year of being departmentalized and teaching science. :)

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  1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for linking up:)
    And even a BIGGER thanks for sharing The Science Penguin. I now have her in my Feedly feed.
    Enjoy your new classroom. Sounds like you're getting closer to being set up. When do you start? I have another blessed month of slothfulness ahead of me:)