Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Signing a Contract

Yesterday, I signed my contract at the new district. I had forgotten about all of the decisions that had to be made. It was a little easier for me since I have been teaching and thought to bring a pay stub with me. Some of the new applicants had to take home the insurance to look it over, I was able to sign up for what I already had.

It is very different going from a large district with 43, 000 students to one with 18, 000 students. The admin building is much more "user friendly". When I was signing up for insurance, I got to talk one on one with someone instead of being herded into a room and sort of left on my own to figure out what I wanted. I had a question about what would happen with my 146 days of sick leave, I got to speak to the person in charge and get my questions answered. When I got home I called  my old district about the sick leave, I got to talk to someone on the phone that talked to me in a rather terse voice and didn't really answer my questions. It is also going to be nice to work right where I live, the admin building is 5 minutes away if I have to drop something off, I don't have to figure out how I am going to get there in time.

So far through this process there have only been two negatives 1) My daughter and I will have to go a month w/o insurance unless I want to pay the premium out of pocket. My pockets are empty, so we will have to be careful!  2) Since my old district was on a semi-year around schedule, our pay schedule doesn't meet up with the new districts. I get my last pay check from OKC on July 30. I'm not scheduled to get a check from 
Mid-Del until Sept 25, yes you read that right. Yikes!!!  It's times like these I wish I had inherited my dad's financial genes. Fortunately, they do offer the option to let you get 13 checks instead of 12 the first year so you can get a check on Aug. 25.  I'll be getting less on each check, but I don't have any other options at this time, but I am glad it is an option. : )

I decided I am  going to try something new with Delaney. It may sound weird, but I think it will save me money and be a good lesson for her. I am going to start giving her $20 -$25 a month when I get paid. she will have to budget that money for all of those little extras she asks me for when we go to Target, etc... 
I remember when I was in college, a financial guy came and talked to us and this was one of the things he talked about...helping children become fiscally responsible. So when she gets her money, she has to set aside some for church and some for savings, the rest she can spend or save as she chooses. She is very excited about doing this. When we went to Texas, I gave her some money to buy school clothes. I found out, she is much tighter with her money than she is with mine! hahaha

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  1. Congratulations on your signing day! I hope all goes well, but let me know if something unexpected happens-ok? Wishing you and your daughter well!

  2. Changing districts is exciting! It will be nice to be closer.
    We receive our last paycheque June 30th and then wait til around September 15th for our next one. It can be a bit tricky at times:)
    I think your $ plan with your daughter is an excellent one!

  3. Congratulations on signing your new contract! My 12-year-old daughter receives $20 each month for allowance. She has learned a lot about saving, spending, donating, and splurging over the last year. It's great experience! Also, my family faced the issue of no insurance when we switched jobs a few years back. We contacted our auto/home insurance agent (American Family) and got an inexpensive one-month plan that offered coverage for serious illness and accidents, so that if anything horrible happened, we wouldn't be liable for millions of dollars. Of course we didn't even use it, but we slept better knowing we had it. It wouldn't hurt to look into it.
    All the best,
    Catherine from First Grade Top Dogs

  4. Congrats on signing - what a great feeling that must be. Praying that you stay healthy! I agree with Alyce, let us know if you don't. Glad you are able to do the 13 checks. Hope everything works out well for you! Sara